About Tropicalola

All of Tropicalola formulations are made with natural ingredients, no – animals products, and self – preserving formula which means it does not need any added synthetic preservatives. Our formulas are preserved during the making, by adding each ingredient at the right time, in the right percentage, at the right temperature and in the correct combination and in doing so, they become stable. It is started, when I made my herbal skincare and gifted to friends and family. Until one day I start to put the rest of my recipes batch in my sister souvenir shop. There it goes, without any labels and any brand name.

Then I somehow came up with the idea to promote my home island, Lombok with these formulation that I have been enjoy using. All the packaging design, scents, and details of the products are thought through the process that all this skincare will be essentials in the tropical island.  Hence, the brand name :Tropicalola.


Our Philosophy :


Tropicalola is a local brand, where we are able to utilize our local ingredients that have a lot of beauty and wellness benefits if it is blends altogether well. Lombok island is where it is all hand made. By using Tropicalola products, your skin will not only looks better but we hope you will feel better in the inside as well. Knowing that the ingredients support our local farmers, and being prepared in our kitchen ( oops, i mean : laboratory / production area), then being mixed and packed by the local ladies with lots of care and love. Tropicalola making sure that the business will also contributes in the local community to improve our quality of life. 


Eco – Beauty concept :


This is important to us. As we are always inspired with our mother nature, Lombok has it all from the mountains to the beaches. We would like to preserve it the best we can do, hence we are working to be part of the Eco – Conscious programme to contribute back to the earth. We know that our well being and beauty will not have to impact the sustainability of others.  

We believe when you choose to use local handmade products, you have made one eco steps to reduce the energy used in transporting goods from other parts of the world.

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