About the founder

            Tropicalola Bath & Body is a fresh handmade skincare company based in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Started in March 2016, Gracia Chandra, founded Tropicalola Bath & Body after finishing her degree in Chemical Process and Technology degree in Singapore. Tropicalola Bath & Body is inspired by the beauty of the tropical island of Bali and Lombok where she spent most of her childhood. Motivated by the multi-cultural beauty she wanted to deliver the pleasure of having an exciting and fresh product that can be enjoyed by women and men in all skin type.


About the Product

           Let our product range brings you to a tropical paradise. We carefully handcrafted our product throughout our production chain and making sure that our creation is made consciously with care from beginning to end.


    We truly believe that beauty starts within you. We are convinced that your daily skin care rituals should not only perfectly produce but also enjoyable and makes you feel the best confidence in your daily application. By capturing the pure essence of the island and creating products that enhance natural beauty, we commit to delivering a wide range of fresh skincare products.

                Tropicalola Bath & Body is devoted to producing skincare products in small batches process. Thus creating an ethically-sourced local ingredient and reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals that can spoil the ecological balance.


From Local to Global

                We believe in helping the community around us for a bigger impact. Tropicalola Bath & Body is crafted in our humble kitchen lab at Mataram, Lombok. We are committed to creating a brand that supports local women in our growing company and in the community where we produce our products. We have been working with an amazing team of young and independent local woman and committed to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment in our neighborhood. By employing these women, we are devoted to improve the quality of their education and life.