Wedding Souvenir For Aprizal + Josephine

Bali Wedding Customize Project Wedding Souvenir

This is our pilot project for wedding souvenir and customize soap. As we just started to launch our retail products in the early 2016. Josephine contacted me and we start planning on her wedding for August 2016. To think about it again, why did I just start posting projects like this in 2018? (Wow, is that 2 years??) I would like to thank Josephine and Aprizal so much, for the chance and your supportive kindness. 

Wedding Soap Souvenir Bali

Wedding Soap Ulatan Box

Wedding Soap Ulatan Box Bali

The details of this soap is Lavender scented with Violet and White colour, and Lemongrass scented soap with Pastel Yellow and White colour. 

Packed with handmade Lombok ulatan box that matches the colour of the wedding theme. 

We wish you a blessed and happy marriage ! :) 


Lots of Love, 


Tropicalola Team 

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