The most intimate wedding ever !

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I know Stevany since high school, and we always been a good friend since then. She introduce me to Jonas way back when we both live in Jakarta. It was a pleasure to be part of their lifetime memory. I was thrilled when she asks to make her custom soap as the wedding souvenir. 

Bride and groom with tropicalola wedding souvenir bali

Stevany was always a violet girl. She likes everything in that range of colour. 

So we decided to go with violet and white, with beautiful lavender scent. 

Violet Glitter Handstamped lavender soap

To make it more special we go further with a customized cut hand stamped with violet glitter on top of every cut of the soap. 

Wedding Souvenir Bali

Cheers to the beautiful bride and best looking groom for the successful wedding ! 

Hope to see you guys soon in Bali ! or should I go to Myanmar to visit you guys? :D


Lots of Love,


Gracia Chandra 




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