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Slow living is a lifestyle emphasizing slower approaches to aspects of everyday life. This is what I took from Wikipedia. So this sunday, I get to visit Desa Belimbing just to travel out of the city. Yes, denpasar bali is now a city for an island girl at heart like me. :p 

Desa Belimbing, Bali 2018

Desa Belimbing, Pupuan, Tabanan, Bali. 

What do I get to see here? 

Not only I get to enjoy the fantastic rice field view, but I also get to spent time to chit chat with one of the farmers. She is a lady, a mother, and also a hard worker. 

Farmers at Desa Belimbing Bali

Sadly, I forgot to ask her name. All I remember is she changed my view of living. 

Desa Belimbing Pupuan Bali

This is where she puts all her stuff, and the fire is to keep her warm at times she needed to rest. She has no cell phone, and no radio to entertain her while shes at work. Only a few kittens, hens and rooster playing around to create a smile on her lips. 

farmers lady in bali

She explains the different between white rice and black rice, that she keeps as seeds for her next batch of planting. I can tell that she is indeed excited with her job / daily life. She enjoys every steps of her work, the process of that seed became rice to sell until it become her income for the month. 

Her days will start with taking care her grand kids at home, cook, and go to the fields. Feeding the kitten and chicks, making sure they are all well. 

She loves her community and understand the way her populations are surviving for life as well. "The rats in this field never harm me, they were just striving for life. Just like how we all do isn't it?" Thats what she told us. 

I think that is the benefit of living slow.

You realized each role you are playing in life, whether you become a mother or a farmer that is our main attribute to the community. And it is our choice to fill that role with gratitude or to take that as our load. Lets be wise to act. 

Nongkrong di sawah

Be a friend that is sincere.

Be a daughter with respect.

Be a partner that understands.

Love wholeheartedly. 

Pondok at Desa belimbing pupuan bali

Its never easy, with all the social media platform tempting you to be better than everyone else. It will never be enough time to make yourself proud. 

Slow down a little.. Emphasize your life, by living in the moments. 


Sending a lots of love from the island, 


Gracia Chandra 

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