How I spent sunday in BALI :)

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Hi loves ! 

Here I would like to share to you, how I spent sunday. Some of you might think, that living in the island means having fun and holiday-ing 24/7. Well, we wish. But the truth is its not, some of us still need to get drained by work and get to choose one day to relax. And I chose Sunday. 

Starting the morning by going to the church, then having lunch with family, and spending the rest of the day with friends. And this is how our usual gathering looks like. 

Uluwatu Beach

Watching the waves up on Tegal Wangi Cliff. 

picnic on the beach bali

This time we got tuna steak for munchies. 

picnic on the beach

Catching up with each others life. 

sunset bali uluwatu

Just in time for the perfect sunset ! 


Well, I hope you has plan your sunday. And I hope it will be one great relaxing and refreshing day ! 


I hope you like to read this kind of post. If you like it, and if you have any suggestion for the next blog please let me know in the comment section. Will be posting more soon. 


Lots of love, 



Gracia Chandra



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