A Loving Gift for Your Loved One

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Festive season is coming!

This year has been so great for us. Thank you to the Lord who always blessed and always be there through all this year and also big hug for all Tropicalola Family for your support and love. We have a good news for all of you. Finally we already open a new store in Bali!!! It’s more than just a store, we create a beauty space called LOLA STUDIO. The treatment that we have is manicure pedicure, foot spa, nail polish, waxing and still coming soon an eyelash extension. We’re so exciting to welcome the another great year soon with a plenty brand new programme, ideas, and products. So let’s come to our new store, buy your #TropicalolaEssential and don’t forget to treat yourself at LOLA STUDIO ;)

Lola Studio Bali

Meanwhile we will celebrate Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year ahead. Especially in Bali, we’ll celebrate Galungan and Kuningan this month. This is the perfect time to gather with your loved one, your family, your friends, your partner as well and don’t forget to bring them a loving gift.

Here is our 5 holiday gifts guides for you:

  • Tumbler
Yes, a tumbler! Everybody could use it and there’s so many type of tumbler, a coffee tumbler, a water tumbler, etc. Let’s start take care of our earth by doing a simple thing, carry your drink with your own tumbler
Starbucks Tropical Plants Cup 300k


  • Something Handmade

Cookies! Making cookies in a jar for your loved one or you could buy the hampers cookies

Cookies in Jar Bandung 125k

or give them a handmade tropical soap? That’s great idea tho

Lombok Locals Soap - Lemongrass 20k

  • Pillow

Bring your parents some new throw pillow to refresh their home decorates

Pillow Custom - 100k


  • Got a friend who loves traveling?

Give them a hint of exploring sensation with our Explore Hand Lotion Gift Set. These lotions are inspired by the beauty of Lombok’s nature and has different scent. Fruity berry scent inspired by Pink Beach, Fresh Jasmine Greentea scent inspired by Merese Hill, and Exotic Cananga inspired by Malimbu Beach

Explore Hand Lotion Gift Set 90k

  • Time to bring yourself for a treat

Gift voucher is such another great idea! LOLA STUDIO by Tropicalola is provide you a Gift voucher with a value of 250k that you could buy and spend on LOLA STUDIO. What are you waiting for? Let’s color up your nails, manicure pedicure, get your body hair waxed and give your tired foot a gentle foot spa.


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